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 How to Become A Zombie? .

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PostSubject: How to Become A Zombie? .   Fri 16 Jul 2010, 1:48 am

If you want to be a member from our crew please post an application under this forum.

In addition to fill out a form you must also :
-Not be in another clan
-Be a respectable player
-We recommend you to get a mic for easy communication and stratgety making

You can copy the following up , fill it in with your filled out answers
* Age:
* Gender:
* Location:
* Current rank:
* Your best class:
* Do you own a mic?
* Why do you want to join "Zombies"?:
* Timezone:
* How did you hear about us?:
* A little bit about yourself:

Also introduce yourself in the "Introduce yourself". Thanks and have a "Zombie" day.
Very Happy
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How to Become A Zombie? .
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